Where the hell am I and how the hell did I get here!?

Welcome to the Hearts Healing blog. This is a space where healing can take place if you so choose to embrace it. (That was kinda corny but also true). My name is Michelle. I am the loving Mom of five. (Two that I gave birth to and three that I am honored to call my family). Years ago, not one, but two kids, (the one’s I gave birth to) fell into addiction as teens. When it happened it didn’t seem like it was a slow ride of little events happening. It wasn’t as if I had been wondering if they were struggling with anxiety or depression and needing some relief and over using or abusing drugs and alcohol to deal with it. There were no late night visits to the police station or DUI’s to hit me over the head. There weren’t any signs that I could see. We are, after all, a kind and loving family that provided what they needed and wanted. That is until one day, I woke up and realized that all these signs had been happening and I just couldn’t see it, or better yet, didn’t want to see it and they were both heading for the worst nightmare a parent can imagine.

We may all have different stories about how addiction began in our lives. Whether it was dealing with an alcoholic parent, our loved one or our own unmanageable addiction, we all suffer from the behaviors that impact us.

The main message today: You are not alone, even if it feels like you are. Awareness of needing support is the first step and seeking help is such a brave act! I look forward to sharing stories and learning.

Welcome to the place in your own heart where courage and compassion reign!

We can heal together, one day at a time!

With love, compassion and empathy,