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“Michelle was incredibly helpful to us.
Her guidance is compassionate, clear and honest.
She has an abundance of both personal and professional
experience which made a very hard topic and situation
much easier to address.
She helped us move from fear to action.
Thank you Michelle.”

T. & C.

“It’s hard to know where to begin to describe the transformative counseling and support I received from Michelle Montalbano.  I’m a mom of a son struggling with addiction issues and multiple cycles of recovery and relapse.  I was lost and confused on how to support my son in his recovery, while at the same time manage the debilitating stress, fear, and uncertainty that I was experiencing.  Michelle’s deep experience and knowledge of how addiction impacts family members has given me tools and strategies to improve communication, rebuild relationships, and most importantly, look deeply within myself for unhealthy mental and emotional habits that were preventing me from living a happier life.
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Working with Michelle has been a great experience. She has challenged me, been supportive when needed and helped me grow throughout our time together. Her warmth and kindness make our interactions comfortable and natural. She provides clarity on my feelings and actionable next steps, all the while creating a safe environment to share my story. Michelle is a wonderful listener and provides honest feedback.  She is an excellent counselor and I highly recommend her.”


“I learned very early on in my recovery journey that addiction is a “family disease”. I know first hand that having loved ones who took time to educate themselves, and seek the support they needed, was an invaluable gift that I wish for everyone. The work Michelle does has truly changed my life and so many others.”


“I definitely would recommend walk and talk sessions with Michelle. Being side by side with her in nature was as comfortable as being with a close friend who’s been through exactly what you are going through. She knows when to listen and when to ask questions. She offers support throughout and gives advise when appropriate. I always feel better about my situation after my time with her.”


I’m pleased to recommend Michelle Montalbano as a counselor.
Michelle is exceptionally compassionate and understanding. She draws on a broad knowledge base as well as life experiences to help clarify complex issues.
Michelle has been invaluable in guiding me through a very difficult loss. Talking to her is like talking to a lifelong friend. She always seems to intuitively know what to ask and what to say to provide support and lead to progress.”


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